10 Week Course – Autumn ’18

This Autumn I’m bringing the energy of outdoor excursions in to the beautiful Chapel of the Clayton Hotel. Course places are now booked out but drop-ins are still welcome. Book your Drop-In place here!

Tuesday Dec 4th Finale :: Live Hangdrum with Peter Crann :: €15 Drop In Class

Course Description
Fully heated with surround sound and high ceilings, this chapel makes for the perfect indoor setting to explore movement and space.

  • Each practice will start gently and build to a more dynamic flow sequence using music to find rhythm in even the simplest moves. We will finish as always with a meditative relaxation that will allow your body and mind to fully absorb all the benefits of the practice.
  • Over the 10 weeks I will share with you the core elements of a vinyasa yoga practice. You will come to understand alignment and sequencing that will bring your practice to a new level of understanding.
  • Varying aromatherapy essences will be diffused throughout the space each week. Known as natures healing molecules these fragrances can directly enhance our sense of wellbeing, the science and key benefits will be shared each week.

As a wonderful addition to our 10 week journey, our session will be enhanced on two evenings by the accompaniment of live music, providing the intense and unique pleasure of practicing a yoga flow with accoustic harmony. We will complete our adventure in December with a group drumming finale injecting some lightness and joy into the winter solstice season.

There are two times available,

Beginners 75min class 6.15pm – 7.30pm :: No experience required, each breath and move will be explained as we flow. A gentle progression and keen attention to detail over the 10 weeks will bring each beginner to an improvers level.

Improvers 75min class 8pm – 9.15pm. :: This 10 week course is designed to take you to the next level in your practice. Some yoga experience is required, or a good fitness level that will allow you to maintain a steady pace and still absord new information.

Whether a beginner or improver you will come away with a deeper understanding of your body and enough knowledge and inspiration to get you on your mat exploring your own flow.

Click here to Join the Event on Facebook.

The course started Tuesday 2nd October however limited drop-in places have been reserved for those who cannot commit to the full 10 weeks. Beginners 75min session 6.15-7.30pm; Improvers 75min session 8pm – 9.15pm.

Reserve your Drop-In place here!

Pre-booking is essential, if you have any queries before booking feel free to call (0877782261) or e-mail (blaithin.s@gmail.com).


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Jo Marley says:

    May not be able to attend all session due to work commitments and travel 24,k to get to Sligo docesrlirr option better ie 6,0pm


    1. Blaithin says:

      Ah fair enough Jo, if you email me the dates you can make it the week before I’ll reserve you a space. 😊 blaithin.s@gmail.com


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