Reiki Healing

Reiki is a form of energy healing with the word Reiki simply translating to Rei meaning universal and Ki meaning energy.  It refers to the universal life force energy that we all carry in our bodies from the moment we are concieved.  The energy itself is pure and when it is allowed to flow unencumbered it fills the body with a profound sense of wellbeing, healing, repairing and rejuvinating as it goes.  The role of the Reiki practitioner is to unblock energy centres and re-balance the flow of energy around the body.

What to expect: 40-60mins; The only requirement of you for a Reiki treatment is to dress comfortably and allow yourself to relax.  You can choose to remain seated or lie face up on a massage bed, in both instances blankets and cushions will be provided to ensure optimal comfort. There is minimal to no physical contact between the practitioner and the client as all the work is carried out on an energetic level.

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