Life-Enhancing Activities


‘My primary motivation is to help people get more joy from the life they have by encouraging participation in life-enhancing activities and individual self-care treatments.’

I am trained in the therapeutic arts of Yoga, Reiki and Massage and I provide these life-enhancing activities to groups and individuals.   Combining wellbeing sessions and the great outdoors is my personal passion and  thanks to the ease of collaboration with local activity providers there are a variety of outdoor and wellness adventures that you can entice family, friends or work mates to join in on.  I get energized by bringing together adventure and wellness activities that enliven the senses and add a sense of mischievousness and joy.

Whether indoors or outdoors, understanding group dynamics is at the core of each activity ensuring all ages and abilities are catered for.

Improvement of mental health standards in Ireland is of particular interest to me and I endeavor to do my part by creating a better understanding of the benefits of life-enhancing activities on personal mental health. This ambition is exercised through the Havin’ a Laugh charity.


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