Adventure Indoors

As a Summer of Outdoor Lovin’ starts coming to a close, for a moment, my lower lip quivers and I realise the outdoor adventures are going to become a little less frequent. However I simply cannot stay sad or sit still for long as the buzz of inspiration is still flowing through me. I’m currently listening to my favorite spotify playlists, adding new piano melody’s, creating a new ‘string-rhythms’ set list and I’ve just found a few saxophone riffs that make me want to lift up and away. In the moments in between these uplifts I write a few more words and realise I’m observing a whole new course unfold in front of me.


I cannot leave the energy of the outdoors behind during these Autumn and Winter months. I cannot neglect the outdoor spirit that makes we want to explore, find a new buzz of wellbeing and share it with everyone. So I’m taking the passion for flow and energy back indoors with me this season. And I have found a space that I believe is expansive enough to hold this energy, I have found my church..literally!

This October I’ll be starting a 10 week course that will bring indoors the elements of Earth, Wind, Fire and Water, we’ll explore these primal energies through musical rhythms and yoga sequencing designed to both energize and release the spirit. All of this will happen in the beautiful fully-heated, surround sound chapel of the Clayton hotel. We’ll harness the essence of natures healing molecules through distillation of aromatherapy fragrances specifically chosen to compliment the flow.

And finally, in addition, on two evenings, we will have the intense pleasure of practicing our yoga rhythms session to the company of Live Music.  At the mid-point of the course the class will be joined by the talented Maija Kravale on Piano and the course finale will be held to the background of hang-drum melodies with Peter Crann.


I genuinely don’t think I could be any more fired up to get indoors. I may need to get out over the hills to ground myself, just so that I have the focus to come back in and explore!

The course started Tuesday 2nd October but there are a number of Drop-In places available Reserve your Drop-In place here!; Beginners 75min session 6.15-7.30pm; Improvers 75min session 8pm – 9.15pm. 


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