Looking forward, the killer part about it!

‘Right now I have some big decisions made and I’m really looking forward to whats next but I need some patience.’

The downside to looking forward is having to say goodbye to the old, sometimes you have no choice, you’re railroaded by changing circumstances, catapulted into a place of letting go and moving on. Other times its harder than that! Much much harder, you have options and opportunities and support from all directions but the decision is 100% on you. Making the decision, maybe that’s the killer part about it!

So sometimes, when I get overwhelmed with big decisions I focus on the little decisions right in front of me. Am I in the mood for coffee or tea, will I walk the full beach or just throw a stick a few times, will I go for a surf and clear my head, or stay at home and clear my desk. Sometimes its best to turn a big decision into a series of small decisions. For example, commit to a full ‘dry-november’ or choose to find something each day thats uplifting #glowvember. And then use these small decisions everyday to remind yourself what making the right decision feels like, its intuition training.

The twist of course is that the answer comes in the exact same moment you ask yourself the question, and all the confusion that follows is just your mind being a bit of a dick! For this reason its harder to make a decision when your mulling over an old problem, you are better off stepping away, clearing your head and coming back to it fresh. Take note of your immediate first thought, even if, well actually especially if you don’t ‘think’ it’s the right one.

I’m being a bit harsh about the mind. The mind is actually amazing, the mind picks up on fears and misgiving and has the unenviable task of translating those fears into thoughts and feeding them back to you. But that doesn’t mean that the mind believes in these fears, its just able to translate them. So you talk to your mind and you remind it that at the end of every tirade of fears it needs to finish with the affirmation ‘…but you’ve got this!

Its not so much about making a decision, its more about listening to the decision your heart has made before your mind started interfering. Then you get busy putting all the pieces of the puzzle into place and try not to get overwhelmed by the bigger picture. And you wait, and you work, and you figure out the right time and order, and you know the right time is close but you’re not there yet so you hold!

Right now I have some big decisions made and I’m really looking forward to whats next but I need some patience. For me, the need for patience is the killer part about it! My trust in the process never waivers I just need to breath and focus on the little decisions. Today was simple, ‘spend some time writing’ because that always makes me feel better, can’t be a bad decision so!

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