Blaithin Sweeney Ph.D.

Blaithin started life growing up in Sligo, a small coastal town on the Northwest of Ireland.  Surrounded by mountains, lakes and the Atlantic ocean, frequent outdoor excursions were not seen as unusual.  It became a natural tendency to spend time outdoors when in need of fun, or relaxation or social time or just about anything, outdoors, fresh air and activities were the common denominator through all of life’s highs and lows.

After completing a Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry in N.U.I., Galway, Blaithin gained employment in TopChem Pharmaceuticals in 2007.  TopChem is an Irish owned custom pharmaceutical manufacturing facility based in Sligo.  She progressed steadily from laboratory chemist to new projects manager due to a natural inclination to improve the systems in use and implement new systems when required.

Life changed direction for Blaithin in 2011, and for 2 years she juggled pharmaceuticals and her new life-supporting interests; teaching yoga, holistic healing and charitable endeavours.

‘I completed my 200hr Yoga teacher training in India in Jan 2012.  The Yoga philosophy and training that I have integrated into my life supports me through all my endeavors. I love teaching yoga and thrill at having the opportunity to share these practices’. 

In 2013 she established a non-profit organisation that was to become the Havin’ a Laugh charity, promoting positive mental health through life-enhancing activities.

Any activity that brings you joy in a sustainable and healthy manner can be described as a life-enhancing activity.  Blaithin endeavors through her work ethos and charitable initiatives to help make the benefits of these activities better understood and more accessible to all.